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Students, teachers parents and school communities all have a role to play in both responding to and preventing bullying. Matong Public School continues to develop the existing antibullying culture, where strategies are in place that make it unacceptable to bully or to witness bullying behaviour, and acceptable to report incidents.


The role of bystanders is clearly identified as part of the solution, where witnesses to bullying behaviour are expected to accept the responsibility to intervene, either directly or indirectly. This may be supporting a child being bullied and reporting the incident to a teacher or parent.


In order to tackle the significant issue of bullying, all parties (students, teachers and parents) undertake to understand what it is, how it can occur and why some children engage in bullying behaviour. We also undertake to understand the impact of bullying and how students could respond to bullying behaviour.


The following documents will assist parents and carers with understanding what is bullying behaviour and the GO, NO. TELL protective strategy used by students at Matong Public School.


Bullying -Working Together

Stage 1 Child Protection - as an example of the type of language

Bullying No Way!

Bystander Activities (pdf 1560 KB)